Pomoc dla Ukrainy

We are launching the #FDIAid, program to raise funds and assistance for Ukraine and refugees in Poland. In the coming days and weeks, we will keep informing you about the actions taken and the support provided. We are in contact with our NGO partners from Ukraine. Together, a few years ago, we supported children and youth from eastern Ukraine.

#FDIAid. Why Are We Doing This?

Today, we, Polish society, have a moral duty to support those who have to flee from war and destruction. We do not want this war, but we have to face its consequences. In the coming hours and days, thousands of refugees will appear on the Polish border, looking for a safe haven.

Join the fundraising and invite your friends and family. All (100%) of the funds collected will be dedicated to helping the citizens of Ukraine.

Approximate currency rate:
1 $ = 4 PLN
$ 12 = PLN 50
$ 50 = PLN 200
200 $ = 800 PLN


100% of your donation will provide direct relief to those impacted by this growing humanitarian crisis.

#FDIAid Support Ukraine

The idea of the Good Initiatives Foundation (Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw – FDI) was born during the European Voluntary Service in Georgia in 2009, right after the Russian attack. The organization was registered in 2014. Many of our first activities were focused on cooperation with Georgia and Ukraine: youth exchange projects, volunteering, and material support. In 2017, we launched a special program #FDIAid, whose aim was to support children and young people from the eastern regions of Ukraine. Recently we are engaged in activities for children and youth from care and educational institutions and senior citizens in Poland. We have engaged over 1000 volunteers in Poland. Many of these volunteers are Ukrainian citizens who came to Poland to build their new and better future. #RazemDlaUkrainy #FDIAid

For People Making A Traditional Bank Transfer:

Please provide financial support to the foundation’s account with the note „FDIAid – Ukraine from Genpact”. 100% of the funds will be used to help Ukrainians in Ukraine and refugees in Poland.

Payment from the Polish account:

Account number: 71 2030 0045 1110 0000 0343 05 90 (from Poland) – Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw.

Payment to the Foundation’s account (from abroad): 

Charity Name: Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw

Organization address: Ul. Szczesliwicka 51, 02-353 Warszawa



Bank address: ul. Kasprzaka 2 01-211 Warszawa

Account number IBAN: PL54 1600 1462 1026 0711 7000 0005 [USD]


Transfer title: FDIAid – Ukraine



Bank address: ul. Kasprzaka 2 01-211 Warszawa

Account number IBAN: PL81 1600 1462 1026 0711 7000 0004  [EUR]


Transfer title: FDIAid – Ukraine


Phone: 0048 22 308 88 81